DMG provides a comprehensive range of services and management support across the business continuum.

Market Positioning
  • Geo-Political, Security and Market Analysis
    Informed and timely analysis of global and regional trends impacting on the business opportunity.
  • Corporate Strategic Planning
    Review of current structures, technology and product commercialization to inform market positioning for optimized growth potential and revenue generation.

Opportunity Identification
  • Government Relations, Foreign Affairs and Policymaking
    Close liaison with decision-makers to ensure awareness of Government objectives and policies while informing on client products, technologies and capabilities.
  • Networking with the End-User community
    Close liaison to ensure deep domain understanding of emerging doctrinal and equipment requirement trends.

Business Capture
  • Business Development
    Identification of new contract opportunities, validation, pursuit and capture.
  • Proposal Preparation and Contract Negotiation
    Requirements identification, formulation, review and submission of proposal documents and assistance in contract negotiation.

Facility Establishment
  • US and International Regulatory and Compliance Management
    Guidance on policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all aspects of Federal Defense Contracting, including FMS, ITAR, FAR and DFARs, GSA Registration, FCL implementation and FOCI mitigation (see the DMG blog on updates and guidance on these subjects).
  • Corporate, Manufacturing, and/or R&D Facility Establishment
    Comprehensive business establishment services including provision of expertise in operations set-up, legal, accountancy, structures, processes, facility, personnel, and operations.
  • Program Funding, Coordination and Project Management
    Identification and securing of program funds, provision of project coordination and management.

Communications and Outreach
  • Communications and Media Management
    Development and implementation of communications strategy.
  • Event Management
    Concept development, implementation, marketing and management of conferences, seminars and exhibitions.